We Believe...So We Created

We believe the most effective teaching happens under the guidance of an excellent teacher. No two students, two teachers, nor teaching moments look exactly alike. Often the best teaching moments are spontaneous, dynamic, relevant, and not necessarily anticipated by a teacher's manual. So, we created an essential support tool for the excellent literacy teacher.



Convenient to Use Open in your iPad and you have one of the best literacy teaching apps available.

Efficient in Teaching This intuitive app interface streamlines your preparations and supports your effective teaching.

Customizable for You Designed with the flexibility to match your students unique needs and document their progress.

Compatible with Lessons Easily compatible with your existing lesson plans or curriculum.

Award Winning App Named one of the 12 Best Special Needs Apps of 2012 by Teachers with Apps.

Used Globally Currently purchased by literacy instructors in 19 countries.

About The App

Sound Literacy provides a teacher, tutor, speech therapist, or parent with the basic building blocks (elements) that written words are made of - letter and letter combinations, prefixes, suffixes, and bases. With the added ability to create any combination used to explain how words are structured, spelled, or pronounced the possibilities are endless.

  • Blank tiles for counting, ordering, and manipulating any aspect of the language you would like them to represent (letters, phonemes, morphemes, syllables, words, parts of speech. . .
  • Tiles organized in pantries and ready to be pulled onto the workspace for spelling words.
  • A workspace for ‘tapping’ and creating boxes for holding the tiles in place within the workspace.
  • Six ladders for building with phonemes or morpheme.
  • Uniquely ordered consonant and vowel phoneme maps for practicing phoneme grapheme correspondences